Australian Backflow Services

Australian Backflow Services test, service and install all types of testable backflow devices.
With the ease of submitting test reports online to the Water Board we are able to provide you with a copy on the day.


On the spot testing and results submitted online line to the Water Board for your convenience.


Knowledge of all makes and models which makes servicing quick and easy.


Ability to install a valve that suits the Water Boards’ requirements in your situation.

About Backflow

Backflow is the reverse flow of water into our pipes. Backflow occurs when water from a customer’s property flows backwards into our pipes. This may carry contaminants that can harm people’s health.

Backflow is more likely to occur if:

  • there’s a drop in pressure in the main, eg during a main break
  • water pressure at the property is higher than at the main, eg if a pump is operating on the site.

Contaminants may enter the drinking water system through a cross connection. Help Description Caused by:

  • faulty plumbing
  • hoses submerged in buckets, tanks or pools.

Contaminants may include chemicals, oil, bacteria, mud and debris.

Australian Backflow Services

Prevention of Backflow

Who is responsible?

Property owners are responsible for getting the right kind of backflow device installed.

If you’re the property owner, you must ensure that:

  • you have the right kind of backflow prevention device installed at your property
  • the device is properly maintained.
Australian Backflow Services

What you need to do?

Assess the hazard rating

You must engage an accredited backflow plumber Help Description To assess your site’s hazard rating. Ensure the property’s hazard rating is assessed again every time site activities change.

Tell your plumber if your property has more than one connection to our water main. It may affect your hazard rating and the type of device the plumber must install.

Install the device

You must get a licensed plumber to install the right kind device.
You’re responsible for ensuring your plumber sends us a certificate of compliance when they install high and medium hazard devices.

Test the device

Your accredited backflow plumber must test high and medium hazard devices:

  • when they’re installed
  • every year after the device is installed